Mental health is key for the professional growth

Exclusive Mental Health Programs to enhance both professional and company growth

SAMON Mental Health adapts to the reality of your company to provide a specialized response to two vital needs in today’s companies:

  1. Exclusive care for high performance professionals. Taking care of key professionals’ mental health will sustain their ability to function at the highest level and will preserve their talent in your company.
  2. We contribute to implement change strategies and interventions that improve the mental health of all employees and, as a result, the overall productivity of your company.

Mental health and high performance

Individual consultations specialized in promoting professional performance, stress management and mental health for those professional under pressure, public exposure or in high responsibility positions.

Global Mental Health Programs

With our comprehensive programs we provide SAMON certification, which means that your company is committed to offer a workplace for personal and professional development, protects the mental health and well-being of all employees, promoting business growth and sustainability.

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