Sport Performance

The expert support that the athlete deserves, no matter when or where.

Athlete-centred performance services

We provide leading evidence-based multidisciplinary and holistic services, led by Dr. Jaime Diaz, for enhancing physical and mental health, as well as sport´s performance. We deliver bespoke services tailored to the athlete’s needs, bearing in mind the complexities of high-performance sport.

  • Sport psychology: promoting mental health and training before, during and after the competition/life demands, ensuring unleashing your full potential.
  • Sport performance: get the most from our physical training expertise assisting you in reaching your peak performance and preventing/recovering from the athletic injury.


We deliver world-class support to sports clubs, promoting physical fitness and well-being, as well as preventing injury or mental health issues.


We assess the current situation and provide world-leading fitness and mental training services to professional athletes and high-performance teams.


We bring to amateur athletes the world-class services that typically only top performers have access to. This encompasses high quality fitness training and high level mental health/training services, alike the ones provided in high performance centres.


Our care is always available to you

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