A stage of life in which it is crucial to prevent, care and intervene in time

The intersection between mental health and performance

The age group from 16 to 30 years concentrates the highest epidemiological peak of mental disorders and unfortunately suicide is among the main causes of death in this age range. On the other hand, it is in this period of life when people build their occupational and work future. For all these reasons, it is a population with enormous needs for multidisciplinary attention to their mental health and their academic and occupational performance.

SAMON Mental Health offers specific interventions for Universities and other High Performance Centers. Their objective is to improve overall students’ mental health, overall academic performance, as well as to prevent mental disorders and risk behaviors.

Early Intervention

We provide psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care to anyone in need, in a pleasant and reassuring environment for the student.

Psychoeducation and Training

Brief courses for teachers and students on key Mental Health topics. Its main objective is to question myths and reduce stigma so as to achieve a University Community that cares for its mental health and asks for help when it is needed

Global Programs in Mental Health

SAMON Mental Health certification is given to those centers that implement our comprehensive program for the prevention and improvement of mental health at the University. They include an evaluation of the impact of the interventions carried out in clinical terms, student satisfaction and group academic performance.

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