Health Providers

Continuous improvement and permanent quality assessment

Specialised help and advice on quality management of mental health care

You can ask us about how to design Quality mental health interventions and services that are relevant to the population that you serve.

When we talk about quality, it must be evaluated and measured in terms of:

  1. Efficacy
  2. Cost-effectiveness
  3. Accessibility
  4. Relevance and social acceptance
  5. Sustainability.
  6. Patient experience

SAMON Mental Health offers everything from advising on the appropriate methods to identify the population’s care needs to the planning and implementation of optimal changes to satisfy them.

On the other hand, we carry out online Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry clinics to solve the widespread lack of specialists in psychiatry, in a cost-efficient and safe way. This service is available for Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics as well as Residential Centers.

psiquiatra especialista consultoría centros sanitarios - Imagen de un hospital.

Consultancy for change management

Management, planning, development and/or evaluation of quality mental health services

Consultation - Liaison Online

Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry Services by video call and with the assistance of nursing (or other qualified personnel) from the consulting center.

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